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3 November 2020 - News

Gun attack on Kabul university: No classroom should ever be attacked

Gun attack on Kabul university


The recent attack yesterday on civilians at Kabul University has killed at least 25 people including 9 women, and wounded 41 people.


Save the Children's Country Director in Afghanistan Chris Nyamandi said, “We are horrified and deeply concerned by the violence that has happened at Kabul University.


Students and teachers fled their classrooms in terror. This cannot be allowed to happen in a peaceful centre of learning. No classroom should ever be attacked, no student or teacher should ever have to face this level of violence.


Sadly, the recent attacks on educational institutions have become far too common in Afghanistan. They must stop. Four decades of conflict in Afghanistan has had a devastating impact on the lives of children and young people.


Children and youth learning in Afghanistan has been heavily disrupted, and many have been maimed or killed by explosive weapons or attacks on schools and other places of learning. This year, children have made up a third of all civilian casualties of the violence, and that is unacceptable.


We call for all parties to the conflict to agree lasting and enduring peace so that future generations of Afghan students can grow up in a country free of violence and fear.”