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2 May 2024 - Story

Enhancing well-being for children and youth in Faryab

The ‘Shabnam and Shadab’ program consists of child-led activities where children learn about their rights and roles in their own protection. It aims to increase children’s self-esteem and confidence, and to encourage them to raise their voice whenever violence against children occurs. Some of the topics discussed are friendship, child rights and self-confidence, The main objective of Shabnam and Shadab is to give children the chance to voice their opinions and thoughts in a safe environment.The discussion groups are for boys and girls aged 10-19 and and are led by moderators aged 15 to 25.

Implemented by our partner, The Organisation of Human Welfare (OHW), with funding support from Save the Children's Sida project, 100 girls and 100 boys are participating in the program over a series of 9 sessions in 10 targeted communities.

With 6 sessions already completed, the program is positively impacting children’s well-being and understanding of their rights.

One participant, Sakhi Muhammad* (10), said: "When I was selected for this program, I lacked self-confidence and struggled to communicate. I also had no friends in our community due to fear. However, after attending 6 sessions, I gained confidence to express myself. My communication skills have improved, and I've formed meaningful friendships within the group and among my neighbours."