The problem

In Afghanistan, decades of conflict and natural disasters have resulted in high levels of displacement. Rising insecurity is likely to aggravate the situation in the future. Internally displaced persons (IDPs), returnees and other vulnerable people are among the most suffering people in Afghan society and have limited opportunities to improve their situation. They are mostly suffering from food deficit, food crisis or food emergency situation. They remain in vulnerable situation without external assistance to meet their food assistance, hygiene, nutrition, as well as longer-term support (access to  land, education, health care).

What We Do

Save the Children’s food security and livelihoods programme focuses on food security assistance to the families affected by emergencies as well as providing economic opportunities and promoting community development in rural areas. Save the Children targets internally displaced populations and returnee families with emergency food security support and help with the re-establishment of livelihoods. This means cash transfers to support families survive the winters without increasing their debts or selling assets. We also assist families in informal settlements by providing access to clean water for domestic and agricultural use as well as trainings on income generation. We are also building on the gains made with these projects to secure longer-term solutions for families chronically vulnerable to food insecurity. Projects will for example diversify families’ income sources or facilitate the participation of women in economic activities. In addition, we have been developing integrated interventions to complement other activities, such as education, child protection and nutrition in Afghanistan. With increased income, families can afford to send their children to school. By providing awareness sessions on hygiene, health and child protection, alongside cash transfers, families and communities are better able to respond to the needs of children and use increased income to benefit their children.