application/pdfAfghanistan Country Annual Report 2018In 2018, Save the Children continued to have a key focus on Education, Health and Nutrition, Child Protection, Food Security and Livelihood, and Humanitarian response aligned with our Global Breakthroughs, Survive, Learn and Be Protected to make lasting change to the lives of Children in Afghanistan. We reached to nearly one Million people directly of which 600,000 were children.18/07/201912MB
application/pdfThe Global Childhood Report 2019The Global Childhood Report 2019 of Save the Children covers 176 countries, reflects considerable progress comparing 2000 about child rights worldwide. At least 280 million children – or 1 child in 8 – are dramatically better off today than at any time in the past two decades, according to our third annual Global Childhood Report and End of Childhood Index. More children are healthy and surviving past their fifth birthday. More children have enough good food to eat, so their growth isn't stunted. More children - girls and boys - are in school and learning, instead of having to marry, become a parent or go to work. And, more children are safe from violence.26/06/20192MB
application/pdfChild Rights Situation Analysis in AfghanistanThis report assesses the situation of children in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has made noticeable progress in the last two decades in creating a better environment for children to survive, develop, thrive, and get protected from various types of violence. The report is conducted in five provinces of Afghanistan with children and key governmental authorities.26/06/201915MB
application/pdfFrom Europe to AfghanistanThis report assesses the impact on children of being returned from Europe to Afghanistan. This research is based on an understanding of children’s rights as defined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) to which all European countries and Afghanistan are signatories and builds a picture of children’s material, physical, legal and psycho-social safety during the returns process. The report is conducted in Afghanistan, Norway and Sweden.25/03/20191MB
application/pdf Country Annual Report 2017In 2017, Save the Children played a substantial role towards its Global Breakthroughs, Survive, Learn and Be Protected. With a key focus on Education, Health and Nutrition, Child Protection, Food Security and Livelihood, and Humanitarian response we reached over 1.9 Million people directly including 1.5 million children…15/08/20186MB
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