Country Annual Report 2016

In 2016, SCI implemented 38 projects in 12 out of 34 provinces, of which five projects in nine provinces were implemented through partnership with 10 local NGOs. SCI supported 8.3 million beneficiaries out of which 2.4 million were directly reached and 5.9 million reached indirectly. Of those directly reached 49.5% were female and41.4% male. Also, nearly half

·      Coverage in Education: The total reach was 1,022,620 with 319,128 direct and 703,492 indirect;

·      Coverage in Health and Nutrition: The total reach was 6,619,227 out of which 1,764,387 was direct and 4,854,840 indirect;

·      Coverage in Child Protection: Total reach was 58,982 with 30,964 direct and 28,018 indirect.