Timely Response Save more lives

Monday 2 June 2014

Guldana is a mother of eight children. She has one son and seven daughters. She displaced from Sangeen district of Helmand province due to conflict to Panjwai district of Kandahar province of Afghanistan. Guldana along with her family had to leave their place for fear of conflict. Last year Armed Opposition Group (AOG) has killed her son and her brother in law for not being supportive to them, however before the incident she was satisfied with living with limited resources in Helmand; her husband was farmer in their own field, could make some money for their day to day living conditions.  When Guldana along with her eight children arrived to Kandahar they had nothing at all for living, but she is very happy that after some days she got support (unconditional cash and house kit) from Save the Children through its Afghanistan Joint Responses Project that makes life-saving assistance to address immediate food needs of conflict affected people, IDPs, returnees and refugees has provided unconditional cash and house kit for the immediate needs.  She is very happy from Save the Children because she along with her family received support in a circumstance with having nothing to make them hopeful for living. They could use the cash for buying food and using the house kit for cooking at home. Now, she has two impressions, one escaping and saving their live from the conflict, and another from Save the Children’s support that provided them the opportunity to start a new live!  “I have left all my life assets in Helmand we have escaped from AOGs, they killed my young son and my brother in law last year. If we would continue to live there they would have killed us too. I was scared of sending my children to school as i was wounding what will happen to us if the AOGs also kill my children”