Tuesday 31 March 2020

Afghanistan needs the world’s help to fight COVID-19

Afghanistan needs the world’s help to fight COVID-19


By Timothy Bishop, Afghanistan Country Director for Save the Children, based in Kabul

Monday 24 July 2017


Rokhsana is from a poor family in Hijrat Abad village, and is in grade four at a formal school where she, together with 30 other class mates sit on the floor of their class room (4A) because the class has no chairs. The school is located on a hill side above the town of Hijrat Abad which is quite dusty in the summer making it difficult to concentrate when trying to study. The students would like to have a proper school with a library and a boundary wall around it to deal with the dust and to create a good learning environment.
Rokhsana walks one hour each way to school. After she returns from school, she helps her parents with housework at home, which deprives her of any opportunity to study during the day.

“When we got the solar panel, we removed our traditional lamps that we were using before. Now that we have this solar panel, it stops working when the battery is out of charge, as it is not working now. Therefore, we do not have always lights by this solar lamp. When the battery doesn’t work I can’t study at night and do my homework.
I spend two hours to walk to school and back home every day. When I arrive home I help my parents by feeding animals and then any other work that I need to do. However, my parents want me to study hard and become a doctor, but it is only possible when I have light in the nights to do my homework and study regularly.

I am very happy now with this new solar lamp which will enable me to study at night.
I am also thinking of making one stand for my solar lamp from used beverage bottles through which I can have more light for myself and my brothers who sit next to me and study together.
I love my solar lamp and always look after it while charging and keeping it in a safe place.”

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Children lead to mitigate the risk of flood and earthquake

Freshta is 12 years old and a grade 7 student at the Sofi Qala high school. Freshta is very intelligent. She holds the top grades in her class. Freshta rides a bicycle to school..
Freshta has three sisters and one brother, her mother is a teacher at the Sofi Qala high school.

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Child Council in Bamyan

Jamila is 17 years old and in 11th grade. She has two sisters and six brothers. All her siblings who are of age attend school. Her father does not have permanent job and her mom is a house wife. Jamila has been working with CERT and Child Counsel for 6 weeks now. She wants to attend university and become a doctor. She wants to provide service to her country and people through her education.

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Empowering local community

Zakia is a single 22 year old woman. She has graduated high school and stays home now.