Empowering local community

Tuesday 15 July 2014

 She does most of the house work and takes care of her family. She is a member of the health committee of Community Emergency Response Team. Nasreen has been a member of Community Emergency Response Team for a year.
Nasreen is enabled to save many lives and avert many disasters as her result of the trainings she has received.

“I once saved a child who was drowning. He was young and trying to cross the water to get to the safe zone identified previously. The flood came very strong and pulled him in. I reached out, took his hand and pulled him out of the water. It felt great to be able to help someone and save their life. Since then I always try to watch out for people and I try my best to use skills I learned in trainings to help others.”

 “Eight women, eight men and 25 children benefit from literacy classes provided by Save the Children”
“My village has a very independent and strong opinion. A bridge was made for us and it really helped transportation and made it easier for us to go to school and the hospital to the other side of the bridge. We realized how effective this work was so the people of the community made another bridge on their own.”
“We still have many other needs but especially bridges. Children from other villages walk a longer way and cross our bridge to get to school. More bridges in different areas will increase the number students who go to school.”
“Another main problem for us is lack of a competent clinic for children. The closest clinic to us lacks recourses and doctors.”
“We will also continue to work alongside the organizations that help us. We will contribute in every way that we can to improve our lives.