Education for Everyone

Monday 25 March 2019


By: Abdul Wasay Hewadmal 


Koran Larkhabi is a new village in the center of Kunduz Province in north of Afghanistan, which was established by Internal Displaced People (IDPs) from Asqalan village due to the ongoing conflicts. Approximately 300 families residing in this new village are faced with many challenges such as lack of educational facilities and health care centres. The community has requested the local government and authorities several times to provide them with educational and other life opportunities, but no positive response has been received. This village is 4.5 km away from the government school located in the neighbouring village, which is a long distance for the children to walk. Based on these problems, and an assessment conducted by Save the Children in the villages of Kunduz with a high number of IDPs, three community based classes were established. These classes have approximately 123 registered students attending classes. The students were provided with all the necessary school materials.

Through the Education Cannot Wait (ECW) Education in Emergency (EiE) project of Save the Children, the village was mapped and selected for the provision of educational opportunities through the establishment of CBE classes. Save the Children provided all the necessary materials for teaching and studying (classroom kits, teacher’s kits, student’s kits and text books) for the classes. Besides this, the students and classes were supported through capacity building of the teachers, renovation of the CBE classes and other needed items. The students are now very interested and are actively and regularly attending the classes.

Sohaila is a nine year old girl, living in Koran Larkhabi village. She was displaced from Asqalan village where she was attending 1st grade. She lost the opportunity of attending school after she was displaced, “I was going to school when we lived in Asqalan village, but after being displaced, I was not able to go to school, because the school was very far away.” She adds: “I regularly asked my father to send me to school. I was hopeless until Save the Children established a CBE class in my village and gave me hope to fulfil my desire to be a teacher in future.”

Although most of the parents in Koran Larkhabi village did not attend school they are uneducated, they are very interested in sending their children to school. The students are also very interested in learning, “I am very happy and appreciative of the facilities provided by Save the Children. Our teachers are very kind to us, and they teach us very well and there is no punishment from teachers.” Sohaila said happily.

The local community now has access to education, and they are very thankful to Save the Children and ECW. They requested for the continuation of these classes in the upcoming years because the schools are very far away and   young children cannot walk for long distances to go to school.  “We appreciate all the efforts by Save the Children to provide educational facilities for children.” said Mr. Mohammad Ishaq haqyar, a tribal elder. He requested Save the Children to continue these classes in his village.