Children lead to mitigate the risk of flood and earthquake

Tuesday 2 December 2014


Freshta is member of “Child Council” in her community. So far, Freshta has received two “Child to Child” train- ings through Save the Children. In these trainings she has learned what to do in case of a disaster and also how to help other children. Freshta takes responsibility in training other children about what she has learned. Other children are very interested in learning about disasters and how they can protect themselves during disasters specially floods and earthquakes.

“Now that I have received the Child Centred Disaster Risk Reduction training I am able to save my life and the lives of others during an earthquake or a flood. Before, I did not under- stand what to do in an earthquake. In this training I learned that if an earthquake happens when we are at school we should hide under the desk. If there is an earthquake and we are at home we are supposed to stand beneath a shelf or take our hands above our heads. By doing this we prevent ourselves from getting hurt during an earthquake.

In the training they also introduced hazard maps to us. Hazard map shows where the safe place is located and where we can go to during a flood. In my village floods are very common. The training I received was very useful. I went home and trained my family about what I had learned. They were very happy to have sent me to this training. I also trained my relatives and neighbours. I will continue to teach people about what I have learned because by doing that

I will save their lives. There are 20 other children with me in the “Child Council”. Both girls and boys are members of the “Child Council” Everything we learn in the “Child Council” we teach it to other children.”