Child Council in Bamyan

Wednesday 16 July 2014


Jamila is 17 years old and in 11th grade. She has two sisters and six brothers. All her siblings who are of age attend school. Her father does not have permanent job and her mom is a house wife. Jamila has been working with CERT and Child Counsel for 6 weeks now. She wants to attend university and become a doctor. She wants to provide service to her country and people through her education.

She believes that all children have the right to education and no child deserves to be abused.

“I learned about children’s rights toward their parents and toward their government. I also learned about children’s Islamic and legal rights. I share the knowledge I learn with my classmates and friends in school”

“The biggest challenge for children in my village is facing natural disasters. Children’s life and health is threatened by natural disasters such as floods. Children get physically injured and emotional traumatized in floods.”

“I personally believe that up to 40% of the children in my village face violence. Children who are abused lose their confidence. I think parents should not threaten their children, parents should be supportive and encourage their children to go to school.”

“My parents used to be violent and there was a lot of domestic violence in my family but now they are a lot more supportive because they have learned about children’s rights and the impact of violence on children.”

“I would like to thank Save The Children for protecting us.”